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CRM Audio

Nov 25, 2016

It's the premier of our Power BI podcast, featuring Captain Redlaces (Scott Sewell). In the premier episode, Scott tells us how he got his Captain Redlaces nickname, and why PowerBi matters.

Nov 20, 2016

In this episode (sponsored by AlexaCRM), George and Shawn are joined by Purvin Patel, who leads the MVP program for Microsoft. Purvin talks about what makes the MVP family great, and what people who want to be MVP's should do to realize their dreams.

MVP newbie Daryl LaBar also joins us to talk about his unit testing...

Nov 12, 2016

It's a rollicking episode recorded late on Trump election night. Alcoholic beverages may have been involved. We are joined by a number of fantastic guests:

  • Neil Benson
  • Mark Smith
  • Gus Gonzalez

Topics discussed on this episode include:

  • Dynam?ics365
  • Licensing
  • SMB vs. Enterprise
  • What are edable grids?
  • Charts
  • Relationship...

Nov 1, 2016

George and Shawn have their own Dynamics365 launch party. Hear George Doubinski partition a Dynamics365 trial environment live.

Other topics discussed:

  • Editable grids
  • New developer tools (solution packager, developer toolkit, configuration migration utility)
  • Shawn's experiences with flow
  • Where is Joel?