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CRM Audio

Jun 26, 2017

In this episode (sponsored by KingswaySoft and AlexaCRM), Christopher Cognetta joins us immediately following the Dynamics 365 July Release Executive Briefing. Hear what four Business Solutions MVP's think of what is coming. We talk about:

  • What we know about Business Edition, including functionality and limitations
  • What is the Unified UI, and where will we see it?
  • Configurable social pane
  • Business intelligence
  • Virtual entities
  • Expansion of the app model

Chris has captured many of the slides that were shown during the preview sessions.

We also talk about our recent awards that CRM tip of the day has won. Along with Feedspot naming us a top 100 CRM blog, they also notified us that we are a to 80 working mother's blog. We were unaware of our contributions to the working mother blogosphere, but we have been awarded for it. Go working moms!


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