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CRM Audio

Nov 20, 2019

This episode is brought to you by Power Platform UG.

Microsoft is giving away Surface earbuds to one lucky listener–register at for your chance to win.

This is our last episode from Microsoft Ignite 2019, and today we talk with Vivek Bavishi (That API Guy) about what it means to be a #PowerAddict and best practices for development of Power Apps.

Topics discussed on the show:

  • What is the story behind #PowerAddicts
  • Are there any requirements to be a #PowerAddict?
  • Does Vivek have a developer background?
  • Learning how to work with api’s and how he became That API guy
  • How Power Platform can change your career
  • Does using Power Platform in your day job reduce the desire to work on Power Apps on nights and weekends?
  • What Power Apps does Vivek use himself every day?
  • When should you use CDS in your Power Apps?
  • Limitations in CDS connector
  • Does Vivek focus more on Power Apps or Power Automate?
  • Should you start learning the Power Platform with Power Apps or Power Automate?
  • Experimental, preview, and GA: which features should you use in production deployments?
  • Power Virtual Agent
  • How do you make Power Apps performant?
  • Working with delegation
  • Working with multiple personas in a canvas app
  • Does Vivek put his canvas apps and flows in solutions?
  • Monthly Power Addict hangouts