It’s been a busy week on CRM Audio. We’re recuperating from the Microsoft Business Application Summit and getting ready for this week’s CRMUG Virtual Service Summer Camp.

Here’s what happened on CRM Audio this week, in case you missed it:

1. Universal Resource Scheduling with Dan Gittler from Microsoft

Dan joined us at the Microsoft Business Apps summit and shared the history and future roadmap of URS.

2. Starting a Dynamics 365 consulting business with Ken Farmer

Ken Farmer joined Mark Smith for a great interview about how he went from running a restaurant to running a successful Dynamics 365 consultancy. Ken has some great insight about how to know what your strengths are and when you should partner with somebody else.

3. PowerApps Roadmap with Charles Lamanna

Charles Lamanna, General Manager for Microsoft Business Applications, stopped by to share some news about the future roadmap for PowerApps and Those Dynamics Guys announced the PowerApps bank, where you can share your PowerApps with the community

4. Productivity at conferences and wearable technology

On ProdCast, Matthew Anderson and Joel Lindstrom talked about how to stay productive while at conferences, how to pace yourself, and effective strategies for maximizing your conference learning. We also debated whether or not wearable technology was a productivity gain.

5. Using planning poker to estimate your Dynamics 365 project backlog

Poker, it’s not just for Vegas anymore, says Neil Benson. Niel talks about what planning poker is from a scrum perspective, who should play, how to play, and the benefits that you will see from using planning poker for backlog estimation.


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Coming this week

Tune in this week to hear the following:

  • At Your Service: Upcoming features for Customer Service, Project Service, and Field Service
  • Interview with Shilpa Sinha about Unified Interface
  • Interview with Srihari Srinivasa about App for Outlook
  • Update from the D365 Virtual Service Summer Camp
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