In this episode (brought to you by KingswaySoft), we discuss the challenges faced by customers who try to build a greenfield Dynamics 365 business application with in-house developers without guidance or direction from an experienced consulting partner or individual. While there is development involved when building complex systems there is a learning curve that must be taken into consideration. Project teams that attempt to learn the Dynamics platform and meet project deadlines tend to get their experience at the customer’s expense.

Topics discussed in this episode

  • Software development skill sets are merely prerequisites
  • .NET development teams tend to focus on making it work without understanding platform capabilities
  • .NET developers tend to build Dynamics applications like a .NET application
  • .NET developers tend to build systems that are hard to upgrade or migrate to the cloud
  • .NET developers tend to build up a lot of technical debt in the learning process
  • Guidelines for mitigating the .NET developer challenge
    • Hire a consulting partner to do the work
    • Hire an expert advisor to guide the work
    • Invest in training for your development team
    • Review the Solution Checker utility to review code patterns
  • Educational resources
    • Online resources
    • Books
    • Events

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