In Scrum Dynamics episode 22, brought you by Mapltyics by Inogic, Neil Benson provides his top 10 antipatterns that can plague your Scrum events in Dynamics 365 project.

An antipattern is anything that looked like a good idea at the time, but with hindsight was a terrible idea. Like acquiring MarketingPilot.

Here are Neil’s top ten antipatterns:

  1. Daily Scrum becomes a status report meeting for the product owner or scrum master
  2. Referring to story IDs in your daily scrum or just pointing at the scrum board
  3. Solving problems in the daily scrum
  4. Sprint planning based on velocity
  5. Refining backlog items into tasks in sprint planning
  6. Sprint goal that summarises the sprint backlog
  7. “Special” sprints
  8. Changing the sprint backlog mid-sprint
  9. Accepting items as done at the sprint review
  10. #NoRetros

What do you think? Are the more grievous antipatterns that you’ve seen in your Scrum events? Call them out in the comments below.

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