In Scrum Dynamics episode 9, Neil is joined by Nick Doelman (@ReadyXRM) who shares his experience learning Scrum and applying it to one of his recent Dynamics 365 projects.

This episode is sponsored by the Dynamics 365 User Group.

During the episode we cover:

  • Nick’s background in Dynamics 365 since CRM 1.0 beta
  • Some of his recent projects for a community organisation organising summer camps, classic car auctioneer, certification portal for a company in the mining industry, a telecommunications company in the Caribbean, a reinsurance company, and others
  • Before starting a large Dynamics 365 implementation, Nick got started with Scrum by taking some online training courses
  • Using the Scrum Framework on Pluralsight
  • Introduction to Scrum for Dynamics 365 by Neil Benson
  • Using planning poker for team estimation of product backlog items
  • Finding unicorns and sunshine in the sprint retrospective
  • Daily scrums as camaraderie-building check-in for remote teams
  • The possibility of using pair programming and other technical practices in Scrum projects
  • Using Visual Studio Team Services features such as tags in Scrum projects
  • Nick will be presenting three sessions at D365UG Summit in Phoenix in October

Remember to download the Scrum Terms Worksheet for a handy guide to all the Scrum terms you hear in this episode.

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