Welcome to Scrum Dynamics episode 18, Successfully Implementing Dynamics 365 using Scrum, sponsored by Kingswaysoft. Neil Benson recently presented a live session on YouTube for the Dynamics 365 Community Corner. He recorded a special version of his presentation for the Scrum Dynamics podcast. In this episode he covers:

  • His first Dynamics CRM project using Scrum at Premier Medical Group
  • How and why he switched from Microsoft Dynamics SureStep to Scrum after publishing the functional requirements document
  • The horrors of basing a project plan and statement of work on a requirements specification
  • The successful outcome of the Premier Medical Group project
  • The definition of Scrum as a framework, not a prescriptive methodology
  • Scrum is one of several agile frameworks borne from the Agile Manifesto
  • How to describe Scrum in five minutes covering the five events, three roles, three deliverables and its principals and values
  • The top 10 benefits of Scrum for Dynamics 365 customers and project teams
  • 26 tips for successfully implementing Dynamics 365 using Scrum covering:
  • Three roles: product owners, development teams, scrum masters; plus stakeholders
  • Three deliverables: product backlog, sprint backlog, product increment
  • Five events: sprints, sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review and sprint retrospective

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This episode is a production of Dynamic Podcasts LLC.