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Giorgio is CEO of Crionet, a Microsoft Partner IT Company based in several countries worldwide, that manages the group Crionet Sports, Crionet Media and Crionet Services. He is one of the most qualified consultant and trainer in Italy starting as MCT since 2003. He has got also excellent skills in web development (.NET) and Databases (SQL). Today he works as “high profile” consultant on Dynamics 365 Platform (CRM). Crionet provides technology services  for International Sport Events around the world. MVP since 2008.

 In this Episode

  • The Italian Job
  • On entrepreneurs and Dynamics for Sports
  • MVP and Dynamics Community in Italy – ‘The Family’
  • Translations and being multilingual
  • Collaboration and relationships
  • Life in Naples, the Mediterranean and living with ‘emotion’
  • Researching and writing articles for the community
  • Peers within the community
  • On needing emotion

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