Thanks to our listeners for making June 2017 our biggest month ever. This month featured stages of grief, a data summit, and one of the biggest new release previews we’ve ever seen.



Power BI 15: Microsoft Data Insights Summit, mobile, and notifications

In this episode, Scott Sewell is getting excited about the upcoming Microsoft Data Insights Summit 2017.
Other topics discussed:

  • Power BI mobile
  • Annotations and links
  • iOS app URL support
  • Notification alerts


CRM Audio Episode 54: Changing the game

George, Shawn, and Joel discuss how instead of playing the same game as other CRM vendors, Microsoft is changing the rules of the game. In this rapidly changing world, how to balance excitement about what’s new with a real-world outlook. And where should you get started with Azure?



ProdCast 9: Effective Meetings

Everybody hates meetings, but they are a necessary part of business life. So make them as painless as possible with our meeting tips, like writing your meeting minutes before the meeting starts.

Also hear about Matthew C. Anderson’s  secret life as a whistleblower.


CRM Audio Episode 55: Psychology of User Adoption

This episode shifts gears from technology to process and user adoption. Tabetha Sheaver from Cloud Nine tells us about how user adoption relates to the Kubler-Ross Change Curve.

Power BI Episode 16: Data Modeling

In this episode, Scott Sewell announces his new career in modeling. Data modeling that is. How should you design your Power BI data model to be easy to use for people who aren’t DBA’s? Should you go for granular relationships, or go big, wide, and flat? And how do you have users test your data model to ensure that usability is optimized?

Our Power BI podcast has been rebranded as “Power BI and more” because they are getting longer and Scott has more to talk about.




CRM Audio Episode 56: Dynamics 365 July 2017 release and Business Edition

Microsoft takes the wraps off the next release of Dynamics 365, and Chris Cognetta joins us to make sense of it all. We all agree that this is the biggest release in years, with a whole new edition for SMB, a refreshed user interface, deeper intelligence, and a configurable social pane. But there are also some things that we have now that will be going away–listen to be prepared.

We are also honored recipients of a very special award.




ProdCast 10: Overcoming Mental Blockers

How do you force yourself to finish tasks that you don’t want to finish? Find out some ways we have found effective to break through blocks and get tedious tasks done. Also, why is wasting time important?


Coming Soon

June has been a very busy month at CRM Audio. Coming next month, we will have a lot more about the next release, more productivity enhancing content, and Kieth Mescha joins us to talk about some great tools that the Sonoma team has released that will help with your analytics.




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