George on the shelf

It’s the last episode of CRM Audio for 2015. Happy (CRM) new year! Sponsored by Kingswaysoft!

In this episode we explode with information about Dynamics CRM 2016 that we have been itching to tell you about for months;

  • Knowledge management
  • Engagement Hub/Integrated Service Hub
  • Solution Segmentation

Menno Te Koppele joins us to talk about the CRM Facebook group (and how to get banned from it, if you want to). He also gives us the scoop on what is new and exciting with Inside View Insights 4.0.

Other topics:

  • George’s tool of the fortnight:
  • What do the tipsters use for task management?
  • George’s template fetish
  • Taking your CORS to the SPA
  • How many times will the Hobbit see the new Star Wars movie during holiday break

Have a great Christmas and New Year. Listen below or subscribe on iTunes.



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