In this episode (brought to you by Maplytics by Inogic), Joel Lindstrom and Stephan Smith discuss 10 design patterns that are common but should be avoided on Dynamics projects that will help you avoid delivery challenges.

Topics discussed in this episode

1. Over-engineering Design Pattern

  • Process complexity versus implementation complexity
  • It requires effort to make something complex easy
  • When business processes are designed with unnecessary complexity
  • Over-customization Design Pattern
    • When developers create custom functionality for things that could have been configured with out-of-box platform features
    • Typically happens with new developers who aren’t familiar with the platform

2.  Kitchen Sink Design Strategy

  • Creating solutions within Dynamics that are better suited by other solutions

3. Archival Dump Design Pattern

  • Treating your operational system for historical

4. Monolith Design Pattern

  • Divergent use cases consolidated into a single deployment

5. Reporting System Design Pattern

  • Systems that prioritize reporting over user productivity

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