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When integrating data with Dynamics 365 and other business applications, your integration methods and design choices can have a significant impact on your system performance.

In this episode, Stephan Smith and Joel Lindstrom talk with Tim Huemmer about integration performance best practices. Tim is a Development Principal focused on integrations, and has ten years of Dynamics 365 integration experience.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Integration approaches
  • How integration has changed over the years
  • Cloud integrations vs on premise
  • Integration performance
  • Batch vs. near real-time
  • Common integration misconceptions
  • Common integration mistakes
  • Managing expectations for users
  • Revisiting old integrations
  • Virtual entities
  • Assessing performance impact of integrations and other system processes
  • Designing integrations with future change in mind
  • Data quality
  • Pre-integration best practices
  • Integration and migration unit testing
  • Asking why

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