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CRM Audio

Aug 14, 2018

In this episode (brought to you by D365UG) we are joined by Mike Dickerson, CEO of ClickDimensions. 

ClickDimensions is the leading third-party marketing automation platform for Dynamics 365. During our conversation, we discuss how ClickDimensions has grown in the 18 months, how ClickDimensions is adapting to recent changes in the Microsoft Business Applications Platform, and what is in the future roadmap.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • ClickDimensions and Unified Interface
  • Other components of the Microsoft Business Applications Platform
  • Digital marketing trends
  • Is email still king?
  • B2B vs B2C marketing
  • ISV's tension between Microsoft roadmap and ISV product roadmap
  • Common marketing automation mistakes
  • Common traits of successful marketing automation deployments
  • Services required for marketing automation deployments
  • Understanding your value proposition to your clients
    ClickDimensions expansion plans

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