As we get ready to start our fifth year of podcasting, CRM Audio has grown into a network of over 10 podcasts. The most common suggestion I receive is “can you allow me to subscribe to individual series?” While I love all of our series, I understand where this is coming from—the Power Platform has grown so broad and with an episode almost every day, the large number of series sharing the same podcast feed may be overwhelming to some listeners.

With our recent upgrade to a new podcast service, we now have separate feeds for each of our series, as well as a network feed that includes all episodes of all series. This means that you can subscribe to one, two, eight, ten, or all of our series, or subscribe to the network feed if you wish to still receive all episodes of all series in one feed.

What you need to do:

  1. If you currently subscribe to CRM Audio and wish to continue receiving all series in one feed, subscribe to CRM Audio: Network Feed. Starting the first week of April, the CRM Audio Podcast feed will just include CRM Audio episodes (including the Power Platform Daily Brief)
  2. If you want to just subscribe to selected series, You can find the links below.
  3. If you access the podcast via the CRM audio blog, you can continue to do so—nothing is changing there.
  4. Over the next 4 weeks we plan on introducing an updated mobile app for the network that includes access to all series with improved navigation.
  5. Initially you may see only the most recent episodes of a series in a feed, but we will be moving the back episodes to each series as we make this transition.

The links:

CRM Audio: Network Feed

The complete feed of all CRM Audio series

At Your Service

The Service Management podcast with Shawn Tabor, Scott LeFante, and Sarah Jelinek.

Dynamics Mechanics with Stephan Smith

Implement This with Matthew C. Anderson and Britta Rekstad

PowerApps Podcast with Those Dynamics Guys

Power Platform People with Mark Christie and Iain Connolly

Power Platform Tips Show: The official podcast of CRM Tip of the Day

Power BI & More with Ulrik Carlsson

ProdCast Personal Productivity Podcast

Refresh the Cache

The Dynamics 365 Portals Podcast with Nick Doelman and Colin Vermander


The Podcast about tools available for Dynamics 365/Power Platform

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